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Wednesday, 13 November 2019
  Data Interpretation & Analysis on 9, 10 Dec 2019 in Singapore
Are You Sitting on a Mountain of Data, while more new data is pouring in each day ? Most people…
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  Create simple yet sophisticated presentations to impress your audience
Create simple yet sophisticated presentations to impress your boss, clients & audience. Need to…
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  Manage your data easily with microsoft access database
Need to analyze large amount of data? Struggling to manage related data? Microsoft Access decreases…
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  Python Programming Workshop 25, 26 Nov 2019
Python is a high-level, interpreted and general-purpose dynamic programming language that focuses…
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Tuesday, 12 November 2019
  Power BI & Power Pivot Workshop on 16, 17 Dec 2019 in Singapore.
Power BI is the Leading Software in the Business Intelligence space, as rated by the Gartner Magic…
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  Negotiation Skills Workshop on 29 Nov 2019, Singapore
Ways to Improve your Negotiation Skills Negotiation is not just a skill you need to acquire, it…
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  Introduction to SQL Workshop on Dec 2-3, 2019.
Tired of waiting for IT to create new Reports? Don't know how to analyse data in unique ways…
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Monday, 11 November 2019
  Boost your professional confidence by Writing Email Effectively.
The global workplace forces us to improve our communication skills. Irrespective of the field, job…
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Thursday, 7 November 2019
  Basic - Intermediate Excel Workshop on 11, 12 Nov 2019, Singapore
If you are Struggling with Excel Every day? Spending countless hours doing calculations? Working on…
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Wednesday, 23 October 2019
  Time Management Skills Workshop on 13 Nov 2019, Singapore
Still Working on previous Tasks, while new ones are piling up? Have you ever had a day where you…
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Saturday, 19 October 2019
  Creative Problem Solving Is Bound To Make An Impact In Your Business
In today's busy and challenging business Environment, everybody faces new and unique problems…
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  Why Effective Business Writing Matter
Ignoring Effective Business Writing Will Cost You Sales If Struggling to create professional…
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  Effective Communication Skill Workshop on 8 Nov 2019, Singapore
Often Shy away from making a conversation with your client/boss? Effective Communication is not…
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Friday, 11 October 2019
  Adobe Photoshop Workshop on 21, 22, 23 Oct 2019 in Singapore
Want to create banners & posters for your trade shows & events? Need to upload photos to your…
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Wednesday, 9 October 2019
  Microsoft PowerPoint Workshop on 28, 29 Nov 2019 in Singapore
Create Quality Sales Presentations Quickly to Win Clients • Need to create a sales presentation…
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Tuesday, 8 October 2019
  Advanced Excel Workshop on 16, 17, 18 Oct 2019 in Singapore
Learn how to Calculate CPF, Bonus, Payroll, Commissions using only Excel. Practical, Hands-on…
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Wednesday, 10 July 2019
  Ways You Can Improve Your Business Writing Effectively
Struggling to create professional Business documents? Are you using the right Words or Sentences in…
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  Creative Problem Solving Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!
In today's busy and challenging business Environment, everybody faces new and unique problems…
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Wednesday, 12 June 2019
  What you need to know about learning Advanced Excel
Learning Advanced Excel Helps you Produce Sophisticated Reports Perform Complex Business…
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Wednesday, 29 May 2019
  Power BI & Power Pivot Workshop on 20, 21 Jun 2019 in Singapore.
Power BI is the Leading Software in the Business Intelligence space, as rated by the Gartner Magic…
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Monday, 27 May 2019
  Basic - Intermediate Excel Workshop on 10-11 June, Singapore
One extra skill can make a huge difference. If you are re-joining the workforce, Looking for better…
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Thursday, 11 April 2019
  How black hat seo hurts your google ranking
A few decades ago, black hat SEO techniques were used aggressively to rank higher on SERPs…
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Saturday, 30 March 2019
  A beginner’s guide on how to attract new customers to business
Gaining the attention of a large number of customers, might feel difficult at first. If you are…
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Wednesday, 13 March 2019
  Best H2 Chemistry Tuition In Singapore
In need of H2 Chemistry Tuition in Sinapore Visit Tuition Solution. We have experienced H2…
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Wednesday, 5 September 2018
    Chemistry Tuition in Singapore
Looking for Chemistry Home tutor Vist Tuition Solution. Mention your all the requirements and we…
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Wednesday, 28 February 2018
  DSA Headstart Program for Pri 5 / 6
So you have decided to let your child try out for the Direct School Admission – Secondary (DSA-Sec)…
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Friday, 21 October 2016
  Secondary /O level Maths Tuition guaranteed A by Subject Head!
Excellence Academy Secondary /O level Maths Tuition Kiruthika Vinaya (Outram Secondary School)…
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Thursday, 28 January 2016
  LING's POA Tuition: Latest 2015 POA N & O-Level Results (91.7% scored A's
Congratulation to all my 2015 GCE N & O-Level POA students ! GCE N-Level Exam 2015 . 91.7% of my…
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Wednesday, 27 January 2016
  2016 POA Tuition for Private Candidate & Int'l Student by experienced POA tutor
新加坡第1个通晓中英双语的会计补习老师! 超过26年会计补习经验 新加坡特许公认会计师 (Chartered Accountant of Singapore, CA…
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  Principles of Accounts (POA) Tuition – Grade “A” Guaranteed!
Guaranteed ‘A’ Grade ! No miracle ! Let Edmund Ling Assists you! Starts from $280/mth to get best…
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